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Have you heard about Litsy? It’s a social media site exclusively for book lovers, all about books. I’ve heard it described as “Instagram and Goodreads had a baby”, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate. I recently signed up for an account, and I am loving the Litsy community.

When you create an account, you can add a photo and bio, plus indicate what books you are currently reading. Your profile page will show how many followers you have and how many people you are following.








It also displays your “Litfluence”, which is a score of how influential you are on the app. You get points every time someone likes or comments on your posts. Rather than being competitive, however, the Litsy community seems so genuinely kind and encouraging. When you reach a milestone in Litfluence and post about it, you often get other people commenting on your post with celebratory emojis and words of encouragement.




When posting on Litsy, you have three options – write a review, add a quote, or write a blurb.



Here’s an example of a review. You choose to mark the book as “pick”, “so-so”, “pan”, or “bail”. Then you can add a photo and comments, if you want.

















A blurb is where you can write pretty much anything about a book. You can also write things that aren’t specifically about a book, but more about reading in general, like in this example. You do however, have to choose a book for each post.
















A quote post is exactly what it sounds like – a quote from the book that really resonated with you.















When you look at posts from other people, you can like and comment on them. You can also add the book they are posting about to your “stacks”. Everyone has a “To Read”, “Reading”, and “Have Read” stack. If you add a book to your Have Read stack, you can also rate the book.


I follow a lot of book bloggers, librarians, bookstore owners, and avid readers on other social media platforms. But I am really enjoying Litsy as a place that is just about books. As I mentioned before, Litsy is such a nice community of people. Everyone makes you feel very welcome and loves to talk about books and share recommendations. Some people host give-aways and book swaps, which are super fun, and of course, optional. If you love the idea of a huge online, 24/7  book club, then check out Litsy.


If you do join Litsy, follow me @kimlayman7 and add your username in the comments so we can connect!





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