Save Money – Borrow, Don’t Buy

I am one of those people who love OWNING books. Something about filling my shelves with them makes me happy. I do not, however, have an unlimited supply of money, so I often turn to my wonderful local library to save money and still read the books I want. My library has a decent website, but it can still be cumbersome to navigate to the site, log in (who knew library card numbers were so long?), and place a hold on a book.


Enter Google Chrome’s library extension. This little icon makes it incredibly easy to see if your library has a book that you want and place it on hold. I have been using this extension so often recently that I decided to share it with you here. This extension is very simple to set up and use:



To get the extension: Just Google Chrome Library Extension and you should see it listed in the chrome web store as one of the first results. When you click on it, you’ll get a box with the extension’s info, as shown here:

Just click “Add to Chrome”, and the extension will be installed.  You then select your local library from a list (if they don’t have your library, you can request that they add it)

How the Extension Works: I use this extension on both Amazon and Goodreads, although it will work on most sites where you can purchase books (Barnes and Noble,etc.) When you search for a book on Amazon and select it, the library extension appears on the right side of the screen, as pictured below. If your library has the book available, you simply click on Borrow, to be taken to your library site. If the book is already checked out by someone else, you can place a hold on it.


It looks a little different on Goodreads; the library extension appears in the center of the page, below the book description, as shown below:



You can tell when you are visiting a site that works with the extension because the little book stack icon next to the address bar will be in color; it’s black and white on sites where the extension doesn’t work. Let me know if you give the Chrome Library extension a try and how it works for you!




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